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At the Centre: Margate

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Guided Meditations with Judy every Thursday morning 9.15 am - No appointment needed we are here every Thursday morning :).....3883 3882

Sacred Heart Candlelight Crystal Bowl & Gong Meditation- Monday 23rd May 7.15pm

Open to The Divine - Channeling & Healing Night with Judy- TBA 7.15pm

Free Reiki Night - Friday TBA   7.30pm

Heart Resonance Level One 9am to 6pm- TBA

Heart Resonance Level Two 9am to 6pm - TBA

Reiki Level One - 11th & 12th June

Reiki Level Two - TBA

Reiki Childrens Workshop - TBA

Awaken Your Heart Retreat Bali- Fri 26th august August to Saturday 3rd September 2016

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Heart Resonance Workshop

If you are looking to be more heart opened to bring more flow and peace into your life the divine love energy of Heart Resonance will open you up to the flow of universal consciousness connecting you heart to heart within the flow of who you really are

Level one        (Click here for more details) Dates TBA

Level two        (Click here for more details) Dates TBA



Sacred Heart Crystal Bowl Candlelight Meditation

Experiance powerful shifts as you gently float within the beautiful healing sounds of the crystal bowls, combined with the magic of bringing joy and peace within your heart space through beautifully guided meditation.

Cost $15

For booking contact- Judy 38833882 or e-mail 

Why are the sounds of the Crystal Bowls so effective? Here’s a little info on tEverything in the universe vibrates from the smallest molecule to the universe itself. As long as it is vibrating it is making some kind of sound. We may not perceive the sound, as it may be below or above the threshold of our hearing. The human ear can hear sound vibrations between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second, although we also perceive sound by skin and bone conduction, ingesting and consuming it with the whole body. Every cell in the human body is a sound resonator and has the capability of responding. The sounds of the bowls are absorbed primarily through the cells, and the spine, in conjunction with the chakra centres. The sound vibrations are carried through the body primarily by body fluids. Our bodies are made of approximately 80% water making them a perfect conduit for sound resonance. When in the presence of the sounds of the crystal bowls it allows your body to feel the overtones and the sound to integrate through the entire cellular structure. In this state we have the deepest experience of connecting with all there is, promoting the body into moving into a state of balance, and health.



Channelling & Healing night with Judy

These nights will be a mixture of trance channelling and healing, l have been channelling for about 10 years now. Over the last few months it has been made very clear that this is part of what l will be doing on this planet and that every time l open and allow this channelling to occur everyone that is part of this energy experience receives healing through the energy that is downloaded at the same time. I am currently channelling a group of 12 entities from the 12th dimension and also Gabriel, 12 plus one is usually there opening statement. This group of 12 plus one are coming through to offer support and information of the current shift and the evoloution of our planet and all that walks upon her.This is the understanding l have been given at the moment.

$10 Donation.

" it's not so much what is said during the time which Judy channels but the immense sense of love & warmth that is channelled via an energy which is great, powerful & complex. The words are poignant but the healing which is channelled is something from a different time space during which you have a great sense of one on one time with the energy being channelled. The feeling of which is powerful loving & all encompassing but unique to the person receiving the healing even though the healing can occur in a group situation." Viv.



Heart Nurturing Day - Next Date- TBA

Dates- Next Date - TBA

Gathering in groups for healing whether for the experience of individual or group healing creates and helps to lift the vibration of the planet as a whole. We invite you to come and step into a beautiful healing space for the day and experience the quite space within................

Your life is a direct reflection of the vibration you sit in....

When you do the work of creating positive emotions, you'll become a magnet, drawing in all that you desire. That is why it is so important to create positive emotions...."The Gratitude Attitude"


A beautiful heart-opening day using sound and numerous other techniques to help you create balance and harmony within yourself.

A day of bliss for the cost of a treatment! Do prepare yourself to gently float yourself home.

Limited Numbers

Byo: a plate to share for lunch

Energy exchange $65.00



Awaken Your Heart Retreat-Bali - August 2016- Please go to Bali Retreat Page


Reiki Workshops

      Children's Workshop - TBA                      (Click here for details)

      Level 1  Workshop - Sat 31st May & Sun 1sy June                           

  ( Click here for details )  

      Level 2  Workshop - TBA

      Level 3A Workshop - TBA


Group Reiki Nights

Free Group Reiki, all welcome, bring your friends or relatives. You do not need to have Reiki, just a desire to be with, & talk to, like-minded people.

Friday evenings  7.30pm till aprox 9.30pm, Tea & Bikkies after. Please check with center for our next Friday night... 3883 3882  Please check for our next Free Reiki night...






Contact Judy and Paul 07 3883 3882