Judy made me feel comfortable with her approach, and by making sure l was comfy before we started. She helped me relax easily, and the entire healing session, in fact all of them, have been very pleasant. I encountered a very deep rest, without sleeping, and at all times was aware of what was going on, as Judy explained everything she would do before we started.

Found the journey into my body and the exercises Judy led me through easy and surprisingly comforting.

I found opportunity to ask questions very unique and the answers very helpful!

The guidance given by mine and Judy's guides through Judy was valuable. It helped me shift a very long standing physical pain and also a long standing emotional one.

I highly recommend Judy's therapies to anyone looking to heal deeply, fully and to embrace pain free peace!


"I would love to let people know about the wonderful healing I experienced with Judy Cockram at third eye healing at Margate. It combined counselling , releasing pain from my past, crying and then feeling at great sense of peace. Growing is a lifetime journey but that's the closest I've come to getting a lot of tears out in a safe environment and being honoured for being me. Our circle gave it to me as a birthday gift how priceless Goddess sisters to give me healing."



This is my experiance of Judy's Channelling.

Judy’s channelling is quite amazing, she starts by channelling in a strange dialect, ( perhaps a form of Gaelic?) & this starts a download of pure energy into each person, then passing around the group hand to hand, building & intensifying.

What I observed/saw/became aware of, was that as we sat in a circle, holding hands, the energy built up in intensity, until a column of white light began ascending from the centre of the circle. This column  was made up of strands of pulsating light, & this created the column, much like the strands of DNA. The energy just increased in volume until at it’s climax, it reversed, & a huge wave of energy came back down the column & poured out into the circle & beyond, creating a shimmering grid of energy underneath us all. It was much like a marble floor, solid, hard, but pulsating with energy. Behind us, columns of light sprung up, one after another& materialised into figures of white light, there were 12 figures, encircling our group, & we could feel their presence, their consciousness.

Once they were in place, the channelled light language stopped, & Judy channelled in English. The entity called itself a group of 12, from the 12th Dimension + 1, the one being Gabrielle. The centre column of light within the circle then shimmered & a figure stood in our midst.

My experiances of the group healing after the channelling are always profound and although l know l am totally present during the healing it seems to take me to a very deep level where l experiance a sense of peace and feel totally connected to source..



My name is Jeannie Cartledge from Ballarat, Victoria.

Testimonial regarding Judy Cockram.

When I met Judy fourteen years ago, I was very taken by her gentle nature and kind ways.

I was quite amazed at the variety of her friends.  She seemed able, even then to relate to all kinds of people, from all walks of life.

As I got to know Judy better, I realised that she suffered from chronic depression and a sense of abandonment.

Thirteen years ago Judy reached an all time low, caused by a very personal crime committed against her.  This incident was a blessing in disguise. 

Judy began her journey of healing.  She not only healed herself to become the vibrant, loving person that she is today, but has healed many others along the way.

Judy's journey of healing and channeling has been a roller coaster ride in the fast lane.  She has undertaken so much grouth and has the wonderful knack of passing her knowledge to others in a way that anyone (from intellectuals, laymen, brain damaged and Autistic people) can understand.

I have been most fortunate to witness on many occasions Judy's channeling and healing.  She has truly been chosen to work in the love and the light.

I cannot recommend Judy highly enough.  To me, she is an angel without wings.

J.A. Cartledge


This was my first experience at a channeling evening and so I didn't know what to expect. Judy made me feel relaxed as she explained what was going to happen. I closed my eyes and Paul called in angels and other beings of light and love, creating a sacred space for all of us sitting in circle holding hands, and I immediately felt a breeze of beautiful energy blowing through and around me. The light language sung by Heidi was fun and loving at the same time, almost innocent. Then Judy spoke in her heavenly language and began the channelling and I felt the energies expand. I recognised the truth of what the Beings were channeling. It was simple but powerful and for me that is what truth is. I could sense the presence of loving beings in the room, visitors who had come to bless us and give us a message. Then came the healing and Judy laid hands on each of us. As she touched my head I felt the jolts of energy rushing through my body. My hands, in particular, felt like electric shock waves were being released from them.
When I was driving home, I felt excited and elevated in my mood. My dreams were full of beautiful scenes of angelic beings and swirling white energies. Today, as I contemplate these experiences, I know there has been some deep shifts in my consciousness. I just want to acknowledge and thank Judy for following her call to channel for the benefit of all. It was such a beautiful evening and I can't wait until the next one!

PS: Even as I write this, I am receiving those same energies now!! So, I am going to sit and meditate and bask in it. I really want to talk to you more about this later as it has opened something within me.....
Many Blessings,


About Judy's Channelling

" it's not so much what is said during the time which Judy channels but the immense sense of love & warmth that is channelled via an energy which is great, powerful & complex. The words are poignant but the healing which is channelled is something from a different time space during which you have a great sense of one on one time with the energy being channelled. The feeling of which is powerful loving & all encompassing but unique to the person receiving the healing even though the healing can occur in a group situation."
Vivienne Bulach


Hello  Judy I attended your  challenging and healing night and I would like to share with you my personal experiences.  I am currently going through a very tough time at the moment due to some personal issues. I attended with a very heavy heart, and a rambling  mind. Instantly when I was in “your space”,  a sense of knowing  came over me that I was meant to be here, and to trust and open my heart  to the process. My experience was amazing, in which I received a very personal message and felt such an extraordinary sense of love and peacefulness within me.

Judy I am grateful for having the privilege of being in “your space”. Thank you for being my guide that evening. My message and personal experience will transform my life regarding the next stage of my  journey, of living life, loving others and most importantly loving and respecting myself.

Many Blessings to you... Ally



I have been using HRT for 3 years now and find it very useful in all parts of my life.I'm calmer and live my life at ease with more confidence and trust that all I need will be provided.I have do not over analyzing situations in my mental state as much and by breathing heart resonance into my body I feel at ease with my decisions.My intuition has strengthened with HRT.Sometimes I'm surprised how  in tune I am with it.I feel happy and peaceful with my life while I use HRT. I also use HRT while driving to work or other places to set up a good environment for a group gathering.It is a simple modality with wonderful benefits.I highly recommend it.

Love Jeanette


Hi Judy, I did enjoy the workshop.Yourr presention was professional and you guided the group with patience and tolerence,I was impressed with the fact that we can practice as therapist straight away. I certainly felt energy moving some blockages and felt lighter,I really enjoy healing work and intend to study the next level.I am endeavouring to practice heart resonance whenever I can throughout the day,thank you so much for the space you have created  there and the sense of community

Blessings Cathy


My experiance with Heart Resonce,,,,, it was very well presented and manuals provides were very informative and of the highest standard .

It brought more peace into my life, it gave me a comfort that I am not alone in this world that there is a greater energy out there to support all of us… Heart Resonance Therapy is a fascinating course and Judy as a presenter is professional, fun and delightful. The course brought more peace and reassurance into my life. Highly recommendable Thank you. Can’t wait for more.

Anna Forster


I feel that the HRT has already had a massive impact on my life.  I have recently had a lot of upheaval in my life, and was suffering some depression and struggling with negative thought patterns.  The same day as doing the HRT workshop positive changes begun in my life.  Things have turned around and I’m excited about the change. I have more love in my life and am able to love more freely and unconditionally.  THANK YOU THANK YOU, It was JUST what i needed in my life and i would recommend anyone considering doing this workshop to stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT.

Jeanie Cooper


Good Morning Master and Goddess,

Thanks for a fabulous weekend. I truly enjoyed, you give so much more than just the teaching.

Love always Viv

I would recommend this course to everyone I think it would be beneficial as a life skill for promoting a feeling of wellbeing and  a positive and healthy outlook on life

Graeme Buchanan

Paul and Judy were very friendly and accepted everyone into their lives and home with no question.  I believe that they live their lives by an example that we could all benefit from if we were to adopt some of what they practice.

Name: Richard Bailey

The level 1 Reike course offered by Paul and Judy is relaxed, professional, very calming and presented in a truly spiritual surrounding which helps you absorb your new beginning. Your beliefs will be tested and ultimately what you achieve during this course is what you were meant to achieve, an open mind and heart will help you discover your own inner beauty.

Name: Steve Longton Suburb: Victoria Point


Dear Judy and Paul,
I just wanted to say thankyou again for the beautiful Reiki over the weekend! I slept like a baby last night and did my treatment this morning and am floating through the day.....I just feel so good! So positive, serene, and full of energy (yes I know, I AM full of Energy!) I had 2 "incidents" happen this morning, both of which would normally take my peace away, but I felt a detachment from the stuff "out there" and did not even flinch at either problem. It was so weird. I loved it, but it still felt strange, like "where is this ability or whatever it is coming from? It's so powerful."
I know I had started on this path before the weekend, but the reiki just excellerated everything. It feels like I have just arrived somewhere that I've always wanted to go, and it's even better than I ever imagined!! He he! I know you both get that! And I don't even have jet lag! 
So, thankyou so much for your insight into and presentation of Reiki.
I do want to do Level 2. I just have some clients already booked in for the Sat so I am going to contact them and see if I can change their appointments. I will be in touch in the next day or two.
Take care. Many Blessings,
Barb  Reiki hug!!



HI Judy and Paul,

Just wanted to drop a line to say hi .I’d like to thankyou Judy for your meditation classes. I really enjoyed them last year, and they have helped me with my clarity and have grounded me to help me continue dealing with such a fast paced life we seem to all have these days. Things are going really well for me with family and work. The meditations have helped me find the right balance to keep everything moving forward.I wish you both well and am inspired by your good work.I’m sure I’ll see you guys again soon this year

Cheers  Sol Freeman


What people said about our retreat's

"I had no expectations about the retreat as l knew that it was something l just had to do. I didn’t know why the feeling was so strong but only that it would be a life changing result. On attending the retreat it has opened up many doors on many levels, to many to list, and yet l don’t feel overloaded but somehow at peace with the flow of my life changing journey.

Before l came to the retreat l was in turmoil about where my life was headed and was constantly in a state of anxiety, but after the retreat the anxiety has gone and a feeling of excitement and clarity has entered my reality. Many people’s beliefs are that in order to achieve change it must be hard and sometimes painful but with Judy and Paul they have found a new way of shifting old beliefs and it is through the most loving and nurturing environment. If anyone is reading this and you are a seeker like myself then trust in the universe, go on their next retreat and create your OWN future."

- Gayle Longton.

"The Bali retreat exceeded my expectations. Looking back over the last week l am amazed at all the things we did from crystal healing, to chanting, to yoga, to meditations, to group work and dyads. So much processing of deep inner stuff was made possible through the variety of tools and methods l just loved it all.

If you want to experience a heart transformation over a 5 day period then this retreat will do it! Paul and Judy are special people with unique gifts and presented in the most professional way, yet they maintained a sense of fun, joy and love throughout. Congratulations to both of you!"

- Barb.

Dear Judy & Paul, l would like to Thank You with all my heart. Before l came here l had a broken smile and heart. I had died inside and like l said you guys have done more for me then any concellor and phychiatrist has ever done for me. I have learned to love myself and open my Heart and Feel True Love inside and out. I feel reborn. I Love You Both xxx


I had a amazing experiance. Not only have l found myself again l have opened my heart, my mind and let my spirit shine through.

I owe much love and appreciation to Judy and Paul for seeing me and allowing me to awaken

My journey has begun

Love you both

Jarnah xx

WOW! I'm still trying to come to terms with what is happening inside and outside of me. Shift does happen. Thank you Paul and Judy. You are both awsome teachers and beautiful people full of love, lighing the way for others. What a blessing you are to the grouth and expansion of all humanity.

With deep Love

- Lee

This retreat has been a magical week, l dont

't think anyone could have done a greater job than Judy and Paul. From begining to end. So much thought out and RIGHT for us all.


It took 5 days for the cracks to appear and it was very confronting. I still feel like l could cry for a year, but tonights party night. Judy and Paul are wonderful instructors, l couldn't have asked for more patient or loving people. I go home knowing that my feelings are in there and they want to come out which is excellent.

I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone.


Exceeded expections!

Judy and Paul were facilitors with genuine spiritual wisdom gained from many years of working within a loving and energy full of gratitude and healing.

Both are wise sages having released "stories" which no longer served. Very authentic and inspirational people.

The program was superbly fine tuned with an amazing range of modalities, dyads helped all of us turn into the heart.

Certainly a retreat not to be missed.

- Jenny

Paul and Judy

I will be telling people about my time with you both and about the retreat.

Bali will always have a place in my heart and l have you guys to thank for that.

I love you..

Thank you for letting me find my inner child and for finding me and seeing me.

- Paul

The most amazing journey l have ever had in my life. Genuine, loving, caring, respectful of other peoples beliefs. Paul and Judy showed so much love and gave so much of thier time so freely. "amazing"

- Lorraine

Judy & Paul provided a safe & accepting atmosphere to challenge yourself and for grouth and support others to grow. Great experiance.! We now have a new family of friends.

Thankd Judy and Paul


All l can say is that your retreat has inspired me and far exceded all my expectations.

Thank you so very much

- Denise

Thank you Judy and Paul

This retreat has been awesome. I have met some wonderful people who l hope l will be in contact with for a long time. The workshops were unbelievable lots of tears and laughter, releasing pent up issues and fears. Cleansing the heart and soul and learning to unlock our hearts and be open to love.


Never having been to Bali or experiencing a retreat for nearly 20 years it was behond my expectations.

I love learning and growing and reconnecting with myself again. It was awsome Judy and Paul are wonderful caring teachers. Very gifted and an inspiration to know and be with. Bali is an Earthly Jewel. I intend to return with my family, so they can experiance the wisdom.

- Vivinne

Judy and Paul do a tremendous job with the "Heart Awakening Retreat". It is simply a amazing experiance, and one l throroughly enjoyed. If you feel that you are looking for a retreat to kick start your life or send you back onto your path l'd thoroughly recommend you join in the very next available retreat.

I have definately benefited from this experiance- and can't wait to incorporate the learning into my life and step forward with an open heart and mind.

- Jeanie Cooper


If you really want to get real and enable yourself, then do one of Judy and Paul's retreats.

Find out who you are.


This retreat was life changing.

A truly spiritual experiance!

Highly recomended!

- Maureen

A wonderful experiance,

I had no idea what was ahead of me so came with no expectations, but the warmth of the teachers, healers and other members of the group was awsome so much so that at times felt overwhelming.

The whole experiance has changed my outlook and perception of the world around me.

Great stuff Paul and Judy xxx

- Tina

Perfect- In fact so perfect l think it is too cheap.

- With Love Paul. H

I love you both very much, very very good- Thank you

- Suzanne

Great retreat really looking forward to the next one.

- Lots of Love Rocky

This rereat was awesome, Judy and Paul are wonderful leaders and l would recommend doing courses with them at any time.

-Thank You Graeme

Keep doing what you're doing, the retreat was beautiful, l wouldnt change a thing.

- Carly

Fantastic, fabulas, wonderful, inspiring, Thank you so much.

The retreat was wonderful, l wouldnt change a thing. Thank you for helping me dig peeper, thank you for helping me find my heart,

- With love & gratitude Rachel xxx

Thank you both for taking me on a wonderful journey of self discovery, of personal & spritial growth and transformation. I love the balance, the diversity and even the Diad's ( although sometimes l didn't like them :) I am forever grateful for you showing me the gift of love. Judy & Paul, you are an inspiration to me, and if one day l can have the beautiful love that you both share, l will be a very lucky girl.

Thank you

- Angie

All so amazinly helpful. Always there for us, l felt safe and secure.

My heart has opened l would love to return again.

This was my heaven!

- Gen

Excellent love and energy recieved from both of you, l especially enjoyed the nurturing way that l was able to release my negativity and felt very supported and encouraged.

Great content, very varied and flexable. I especially enjoyed the diads and yoga.

Thank you from the depth of my heart.

PS> Look forward to next year in Bali- I will highly recommend it.

- Janette

Judy & Paul- this retreat is a credit to both of you. The amazing shift in myself and the other participants is absolutely incredible. You've done it again. Well suppassed any expectations, just wonderful.

Judy & Paul, you two are the most incredible people l have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

You have changed my life more than you will ever know.


- Jeanie

Contact Judy and Paul 07 3883 3882