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          "Awaken Your Heart Retreat"

                Heart Opening & Yoga Retreat - Peru-                         June 1st to 8th 2013

Peru Retreat

                           DO SOMETHING SIMPLY AMAZING FOR YOURSELF!  

                          Immerse within the magic of the sacred Valley-Peru                                    Is your Heart calling you home?

                                   12 Frequency Vibrational Activations

There will be 12 frequency vibrational activations throughout this amazing journey, these will be guided by spirit and programmed through Judy into each individual person. I will be working with the 12 gatekeepers that l channel who hold open a portal to the 12th Dimension. Each Gatekeeper will be activating one of the 12 keys that access and open a gate portal within each DNA strand within the body. This l have been told will offer an expansion of consciousness and open greater potential within each individual person. This will be a truly unique experience.

Is your Heart calling you home?. “Love is a mirror-It reflects only your essence, if you have the courage to look in its face” - Rumi

Awakening your Heart to love is the desire to become whole. Surrendering to the wisdom of love, our true nature, opens you up to greater clarity as you journey through this life, on your divine path.

We welcome you to come and share this divine opening together!

This retreat will challenge & transform you, experience a divine opening of self, create space in your mind to empower, & awaken the beautiful flame that resides within each one of us to self acceptance & unconditional love through our yoga & heart expanding retreat, set within the magical surrounds of The Sacred Valley in Peru.

Are you seeking more joy, harmony, acceptance and compassion in your life? This beautiful retreat allows you to encompass all of these aspects whilst exploring the true essence of the self. It will offer you tools for self empowerment and guides you gently on your journey of awakening.

Your facilitators Judy & Paul of Third Eye Healing Centre, will ensure your journey of self is nurtured, providing a safe & compassionate space for the individual to unfold.

Yoga will be held daily. Yoga focuses on compassion and joy, through the integration of movement & breath. The benefits of yoga are numerous; aiding in treatment for depression, anxiety, migraines, headaches, sciatica and much more. No previous experience in yoga needed.

This is a 7 night retreat, arriving Saturday 1st June 2013 to Saturday 8th June 2013. This retreat and all workshops will be held at Willka T’ika.

Staying at Willka T’ika is a truly unique and spiritual experience. Willka T’kika invokes tranquility, peace, spirit & profound healing The seven sacred Chakra gardens each focus their energies to enhance awareness of our connection to spirit & Earth.

The organic gardens produces 100% of the resorts menu.

Willka T’kiki is nestled in the Sacred Valley where the Inca people have woven their magic for centuries, the whole place has an air of mystery permeating the entire land, it’s been said, it can be like being transported to another realm-this is the magic of the Sacred Valley.

Included in cost; We open this retreat with an excursion to Moray Circles on Saturday afternoon, this is a place that holds a powerful vortex and portal.

We shall gather for a memorable and beautiful opening ceremony within the spiritual essence of this site, the first frequency vibrational ativation will be held within this this sacred area.

We have a full day at Macho Picchu on the Sunday, where we will be doing the second frequency vibrational ativation. Machu Picchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. It was probably the most amazing urban creation of the Inca Empire at its height; its giant walls, terraces and ramps seem as if they have been cut naturally in the continuous rock escarpments. The natural setting, on the eastern slopes of the Andes, encompasses the upper Amazon basin with its rich diversity of flora and fauna Machu Picchu is one of the most important cultural sites in Latin America. You will have time to soak within the spiritual essence of this site.

Monday morning we start our 5 full Day workshop in the beautiful Yaga Wasi studio that will be ours for the complete 5 days of the workshop, this workshop includes Morning yoga class, Evening Nidra class, Restorative Yoga class, Group Sound Healing, Crystal Gridding, Heart Expanding workshops, Group Energy healing , Chakra healing within the seven chakra gardens, Equipment provided. Breakfast, lunch & dinner,( bountiful organic vegetarian sumptuous meals )- Commencing Saturday evening 1st June, until Saturday morning the 8th June. 7 Nights accommodation. 1X crystal Healing session or a Solar heated bath under the stars. Airport transfers.

The last evening we finish with a traditional despacho/fire ceremony with a native Pakko(ritual specialist) and a translator . This is a ceremony offering gratitude to Pachamama, the Mother Earth. What a wonderful way to finish your journey into self-love.

Cost $3299.00pp Early Bird Price $2899.00 if booked and deposit paid be 28-2-13 Deposit $700.00pp to secure your place Balance of payment is required 1.4.13 Single room add $595.00 Travel insurance is recommended

What is does not cover- Airfares to Cusco Airport. (Pick-up point)

What to do after….. There is a lot to do and see around this area so why not extend your stay, visit Cusco and the town of Ollantaytambo and the town of pisaq a major Inca site. There is an air of mystery permeating the atmosphere of these valley towns full of native art, sacred stones, stories, & music hinting at the hidden magical mountain spirits that reveal themselves to a chosen few. We are close to the most amazing markets that are held on the Sunday after the retreat finishes. Wherever you go there is spirit and soul in this amazing land and what better way to connect to it than after connecting to beautiful flame that is within you…..

This retreat has limited numbers so book early to avoid disappointment

Peru Retreat

Peru Retreat

Peru Retreat


Peru retreat

Peru retreat

Peru retreat


About your facilitators

Judy and Paul have run Third Eye Healing Centre in Margate Queensland for the last five years, and over the years have attended numerous workshops and retreats including Tantra and many Self Realisation Retreats, as they continue their own beautiful journey of self discovery.

They both offer many different healing modalities including Reiki, Ajna Tibeten Healing, Pellowah, Sound, Crystal and Heart Resonance Healing.

Judy is a Heart Resonance teacher, facilitating Heart Resonance workshops on a regular basis. Paul is a Reiki Master Teacher and teaches all levels of the Usui Reiki system.

Both Judy and Paul aim to create a nurturing healing space for people to step into, to unfold and open on a truly deep level.

The creation of our Heart Awakening retreats came from a desire to offer people a truly unique experience, we feel that the opening up of the individual should encompass all aspects of self, mental emotional, spiritual and physical. We offer  a combination of Yoga, heart expanding workshops, meditation, energy healing, sound, and massage for a complete experience.

Judy and Paul are absolutely passionate about practicing and teaching  alternative healing therapy’s, and with their heart- centred approach have had excellent results. They are very excited to be supporting you through the  process of your heart centred journey on the 2012 “ Awaken Your Heart” Retreat!



Judy and Paul

Our Yoga Teachers


Jeanie’s yoga journey began 10 years ago when she found yoga to be a welcome relief from the back pain she had always suffered (with scoliosis).  Jeanie is now totally relieved of any spinal pain!

For Jeanie, in addition to this physical relief, came the peace and serenity of a still mind, bringing about a sense of inner and outer balance.  Jeanie also practiced meditation for several years before finding yoga, and has found both meditation and yoga are a great help in escaping from the ‘fast paced’ society in which we live, bringing the sense of calm, that can only come from within.

Reflecting on the transformation of her life since beginning her yoga experience, it became clear to Jeanie that she wanted to be able to share this with others. 

The style of yoga Jeanie teaches is ‘Yoga Rhythms’.  Founded by Jo Moore, it is a style that has evolved as a mix of Yoga Chi Gung, Radiant Light Yoga, Iyengar and Hatha yoga.

It is a flowing synthesis of postures and movements, dynamic and approachable and safe for all ages and abilities.  Jeanie  offer’s different options throughout her classes, so you are able to soften or extend the poses, allowing you to go at your own pace.

Jeanie holds classes locally in the John Naumann Hall, Deception Bay, and at the Beachmere Activity Centre, she also teaches yoga in work places and small groups.

Jeanie loves to travel and enjoys taking yoga on retreat, either locally or on overseas trips.

Jeanie warmly looks forward to meeting you on our next retreat!

Jeanie is a member of YTAA (Yoga Teachers Association of Australia).

What people are saying about Jeanie's yoga

Jeanie was an awsome teacher. Her classes were well prepared and easy to follow. Well done Jeanie you are truly a beautiful person

- Lee

Jeanie is one lovely, amazing, woman. Her yoga comes from the heart. Her speaking and moves are wonderful.


Jeanis is a wonderful giving person, an awsome yoga/medation teacher. She is a wonderful friend someone you can rely on. She is fun and bubbly, full of laughs.

Jeanie is on a journey of self discovery and it is wonderful to see her blossom and grow.


Jeanie's yoga was integral to the success of the retreat.

She is an amazing teacher.

- Jenny

Thank you Jeanie, your one of the top yoga teachers and a beautiful person xx

- Joan

To my yoga teacher, l love you, you are the greatest and you have given me back my yoga

- Paul

The experiance l had with Jeanie's yoga classes was awesome

- Lorraine

The yoga teacher is amazing!!!!!!

- Karen

Jeanie is a star, a beautiful motivating person who helped me to blossom on my journey.

Thank you Love you heaps

- Michelle









What people said about our retreat's

"I had no expectations about the retreat as l knew that it was something l just had to do. I didn’t know why the feeling was so strong but only that it would be a life changing result. On attending the retreat it has opened up many doors on many levels, to many to list, and yet l don’t feel overloaded but somehow at peace with the flow of my life changing journey.

Before l came to the retreat l was in turmoil about where my life was headed and was constantly in a state of anxiety, but after the retreat the anxiety has gone and a feeling of excitement and clarity has entered my reality. Many people’s beliefs are that in order to achieve change it must be hard and sometimes painful but with Judy and Paul they have found a new way of shifting old beliefs and it is through the most loving and nurturing environment. If anyone is reading this and you are a seeker like myself then trust in the universe, go on their next retreat and create your OWN future."

- Gayle Longton.


"The Bali retreat exceeded my expectations. Looking back over the last week l am amazed at all the things we did from crystal healing, to chanting, to yoga, to meditations, to group work and dyads. So much processing of deep inner stuff was made possible through the variety of tools and methods l just loved it all.

If you want to experience a heart transformation over a 5 day period then this retreat will do it! Paul and Judy are special people with unique gifts and presented in the most professional way, yet they maintained a sense of fun, joy and love throughout. Congratulations to both of you!"

- Barb.

Dear Judy & Paul, l would like to Thank You with all my heart. Before l came here l had a broken smile and heart. I had died inside and like l said you guys have done more for me then any concellor and phychiatrist has ever done for me. I have learned to love myself and open my Heart and Feel True Love inside and out. I feel reborn. I Love You Both xxx


I had a amazing experiance. Not only have l found myself again l have opened my heart, my mind and let my spirit shine through.

I owe much love and appreciation to Judy and Paul for seeing me and allowing me to awaken

My journey has begun

Love you both

Jarnah xx

WOW! I'm still trying to come to terms with what is happening inside and outside of me. Shift does happen. Thank you Paul and Judy. You are both awsome teachers and beautiful people full of love, lighing the way for others. What a blessing you are to the grouth and expansion of all humanity.

With deep Love

- Lee

This retreat has been a magical week, l dont

't think anyone could have done a greater job than Judy and Paul. From begining to end. So much thought out and RIGHT for us all.


It took 5 days for the cracks to appear and it was very confronting. I still feel like l could cry for a year, but tonights party night. Judy and Paul are wonderful instructors, l couldn't have asked for more patient or loving people. I go home knowing that my feelings are in there and they want to come out which is excellent.

I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone.


Exceeded expections!

Judy and Paul were facilitors with genuine spiritual wisdom gained from many years of working within a loving and energy full of gratitude and healing.

Both are wise sages having released "stories" which no longer served. Very authentic and inspirational people.

The program was superbly fine tuned with an amazing range of modalities, dyads helped all of us turn into the heart.

Certainly a retreat not to be missed.

- Jenny

Paul and Judy

I will be telling people about my time with you both and about the retreat.

Bali will always have a place in my heart and l have you guys to thank for that.

I love you..

Thank you for letting me find my inner child and for finding me and seeing me.

- Paul

The most amazing journey l have ever had in my life. Genuine, loving, caring, respectful of other peoples beliefs. Paul and Judy showed so much love and gave so much of thier time so freely. "amazing"

- Lorraine

Judy & Paul provided a safe & accepting atmosphere to challenge yourself and for grouth and support others to grow. Great experiance.! We now have a new family of friends.

Thankd Judy and Paul


All l can say is that your retreat has inspired me and far exceded all my expectations.

Thank you so very much

- Denise

Thank you Judy and Paul

This retreat has been awesome. I have met some wonderful people who l hope l will be in contact with for a long time. The workshops were unbelievable lots of tears and laughter, releasing pent up issues and fears. Cleansing the heart and soul and learning to unlock our hearts and be open to love.


Never having been to Bali or experiencing a retreat for nearly 20 years it was behond my expectations.

I love learning and growing and reconnecting with myself again. It was awsome Judy and Paul are wonderful caring teachers. Very gifted and an inspiration to know and be with. Bali is an Earthly Jewel. I intend to return with my family, so they can experiance the wisdom.

- Vivinne

Judy and Paul do a tremendous job with the "Heart Awakening Retreat". It is simply a amazing experiance, and one l throroughly enjoyed. If you feel that you are looking for a retreat to kick start your life or send you back onto your path l'd thoroughly recommend you join in the very next available retreat.

I have definately benefited from this experiance- and can't wait to incorporate the learning into my life and step forward with an open heart and mind.

- Jeanie Cooper


If you really want to get real and enable yourself, then do one of Judy and Paul's retreats.

Find out who you are.


This retreat was life changing.

A truly spiritual experiance!

Highly recomended!

- Maureen

A wonderful experiance,

I had no idea what was ahead of me so came with no expectations, but the warmth of the teachers, healers and other members of the group was awsome so much so that at times felt overwhelming.

The whole experiance has changed my outlook and perception of the world around me.

Great stuff Paul and Judy xxx

- Tina

Perfect- In fact so perfect l think it is too cheap.

- With Love Paul. H

I love you both very much, very very good- Thank you

- Suzanne

Great retreat really looking forward to the next one.

- Lots of Love Rocky

This rereat was awesome, Judy and Paul are wonderful leaders and l would recommend doing courses with them at any time.

-Thank You Graeme

Keep doing what you're doing, the retreat was beautiful, l wouldnt change a thing.

- Carly

Fantastic, fabulas, wonderful, inspiring, Thank you so much.

The retreat was wonderful, l wouldnt change a thing. Thank you for helping me dig peeper, thank you for helping me find my heart,

- With love & gratitude Rachel xxx

Thank you both for taking me on a wonderful journey of self discovery, of personal & spritial growth and transformation. I love the balance, the diversity and even the Diad's ( although sometimes l didn't like them :) I am forever grateful for you showing me the gift of love. Judy & Paul, you are an inspiration to me, and if one day l can have the beautiful love that you both share, l will be a very lucky girl.

Thank you

- Angie

All so amazinly helpful. Always there for us, l felt safe and secure.

My heart has opened l would love to return again.

This was my heaven!

- Gen

Excellent love and energy recieved from both of you, l especially enjoyed the nurturing way that l was able to release my negativity and felt very supported and encouraged.

Great content, very varied and flexable. I especially enjoyed the diads and yoga.

Thank you from the depth of my heart.

PS> Look forward to next year in Bali- I will highly recommend it.

- Janette

Judy & Paul- this retreat is a credit to both of you. The amazing shift in myself and the other participants is absolutely incredible. You've done it again. Well suppassed any expectations, just wonderful.

Judy & Paul, you two are the most incredible people l have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

You have changed my life more than you will ever know.


- Jeanie





Bali 2010- Retreat

Group Shot




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