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Awaken Your Heart Intensive Retreat

Heart Opening & Kundalini Dance
Intensive Retreat Bali-2016

August Friday 26th August to Sat 3rd Sept  2016

Only One spce left !!!


Bookings for 2016 Retreat open now  -Liminted numbers -

Is your Heart calling you home?

You are invited to the final
held in Beautiful Bali in 2016

This retreat will challenge & transform you, moving into a Heart Centred being living your life as you are meant to, from your heart.

Are you ready for real change in your life?

Then come and join us in experiencing a deep and profound opening of self. Give yourself the space to empower and awaken the beautiful flame of unconditional love and self-acceptance that resides within each of us.

With our dance and Heart awakening retreat in the beautiful land of Bali, we have created a safe and supportive environment that gently encourages honesty, authenticity, contact and deep reflective meditation.

Let us explore to the core “Who are You”. Let yourself delve deep within your heart to open to the knowledge that has been locked away within. Can you feel the call, it’s “Time To Awaken” Are you ready to come home to you …?

The answers we seek can only be found in the Heart.

As we guide you on a journey of moving deeper into the body that holds all knowledge, we start to transform and move from mind into Heart. Dissolving our non truth stories, this powerful process allows our minds to move into alignment with our Hearts….

And we step deeper into the rich flow of pure consciousness we re-awaken to the Truth of “What Love Is”


Your facilitators.. Judy & Paul of Third Eye Healing Centre, facilitate the deep soul intensive workshops with a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure your journey of self is nurtured, providing a safe & compassionate space for the individual to unfold.

This beautiful retreat allows you to encompass all of these aspects whilst exploring the true essence of the self. It will offer you tools for self empowerment and guides you on a journey of awakening.

We journey through the Dyad practice, this is the core practice at the Intensive Retreat, it is a unique two person dyad format that combines a 10,000 year old self enquiry yoga meditation, 'who am I' with a modern Western tantric-like communication and listening technique that increases understanding of yourself, elevates your consciousness and accelerates the process of the Kundalini experience.

Are you ready to move your body with passion, energy and love?


Kundalini Chakra dance will be held daily facilitated by Myra Seberry.

Myra moves with the energy of the goddess that comes from deep within her. This allows her to gently guide you on a Dance of Self-Love.

Are you ready to move your body with passion, energy and love? This beautiful energy dance will open you up to the energies of the masculine and the feminine.

During this retreat you will be dancing through all your chakras, shaking up the energy that lies within and feeling yourself open to love and connection.

This is a 8 night retreat, arriving Friday 26th August to Saturday 3rd September 2016

Held at the most divine Shangri-La Oceanside Retreat in Bali which is located at Bondalem, Bali, Indonesia, Asia
(about 40 minutes east of Singaraja on the North Shore).

♥ See a video about this truly sublime resort by clicking here.

Shangri-La Oceanside Retreat and Spa Bali is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Ubud on Bali's north shore, right on the ocean. There is an open-air style living room that pulls your gaze into the gardens, inviting you to relax and let your senses be tantalized.

You will find yourself transported to a time of 'One-Thousand-and-One-Nights' with this villa's exclusive interior design. Languish under the stars in the warm waters of the Jacuzzi, overlooking the beach. Take in the ocean views that surround you from each part of the house. Awaken to the sun’s rays touching your face, your gaze will sweep over the garden's lush design. As you are served your meals, you will find yourselves surrounded by beauty in every direction you look. We book out the entire retreat space for complete privacy creating a safe and nurturing environment for every participant.

We limit all our retreats to 12 participants, to offer the most personal journey for each individual.



We open this retreat with an excursion within, inviting you to join us on an enchanting journey to Bali’s Sacred Buddhist Temple BANJAR .This is one of the most sacred Temples in Bali and is visited by the Dala Lama. We will be visiting and bathing in the beautiful Hot Springs close to the Temple. We will journey to the Forever Young sacred Waterfalls close to the village of Bondalem.

We will then take a private tour out to the Dolphins, entertain you with Beautiful Traditional Balinese Dancers and you will enjoy a blissful Kirtan during your time on the retreat.

Why not do Something Simply Amazing For Yourself and join this final Retreat on the sacred island of Bali? To hear more about the astonishing magic of Bali and these retreats, check out these 3 youtube videos


~ Included in your investment ~

All Excursions
6 Days Of Deep Soul Healing Intensive Workshops
All Dance Sessions
Group Sound Healings
4 Amazing Oil Massages
Group Energy Healing Treatments
8 Nights Accommodation in all private rooms
All Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners

All food is organic and cooked fresh by the Shangri La chef.

Direct Airport transfers included, or pick-up from Ubud.
(At a specified and arranged place & time.)


Cost $2290pp, 8 nights inclusive, (AUD)

Deposit $500.00 to secure your place.Balance of payment is required 30-6-16

Travel Insurance is recommended.

Please note this amount does not cover airfares & Tips

This Retreat has limited
numbers so book early to
avoid disappointment.


This Retreat will bring our “Awaken Your Heart” Intensive Retreats to a completion, yes this is our last amazing, wonderful, fantastic, rich, divine, Intensive. What an amazing journey we have had over the years, our Retreats have grown as we have grown and we could not be more blessed to have made this journey with so many beautiful people from all over the world, with each retreat we have gathered more family, our lives have become richer and our facilitating has deepened to full flow. We are opening to new beginnings as we invite you to step into our last Awaken Your Heart Intensive and so look forward to meeting the people that feel drawn to share this “ What will Be” amazing experience with us.

With Endless Love
Judy & Paul



This retreat has limited numbers so book early to avoid disappointment

Bali Rice Field

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Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat



About your facilitators

Judy and Paul have run Third Eye Healing Centre in Margate Queensland for the last five years, and over the years have attended numerous workshops and retreats including Tantra and many Self Realisation Retreats, as they continue their own beautiful journey of self discovery.

They both offer many different healing modalities including Reiki, Ajna Tibeten Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound therapy, Councelling and Heart Resonance Healing.

Judy is a direct channel to spirit and has been Channelling since 2002, she curently Channels a group of 12 gatekeepers from the 12th dimention and Grabrial they call themselves 12 + 1, Judy is a Heart Resonance teacher, facilitating Heart Resonance workshops on a regular basis, Crystal Sound Therapits and councellor, Reiki master and has facilitated retreats and workshop worlwide. Paul is a Reiki Master Teacher and teaches all levels of the Usui Reiki system.

Both Judy and Paul aim to create a nurturing healing space for people to step into, to unfold and open on a truly deep level.

The creation of our Heart Awakening retreats came from a desire to offer people a truly unique experience, we feel that the opening up of the individual should encompass all aspects of self, mental emotional, spiritual and physical. We offer  a combination of body movement, heart expanding workshops, meditation, energy healing, sound, and massage, organic food, for a complete experience.

Judy and Paul are absolutely passionate about practicing and teaching  alternative healing therapy’s, and with their heart- centred approach have had excellent results. They are very excited to be supporting you through the  process of your heart centred journey on the 2015 “ Awaken Your Heart” Retreat!



Judy and Paul

Our Kundalini Teacher

Myra Seberry


Myra is a passionate Irish woman, a mother of four, a chakra dancer, birth worker, counsellor and hypnotherapist. She loves traveling and meeting new and diverse people. She has a rich heritage steeped in Celtic mythology and Viking folklore. In her life she has lived in Canada, Europe and Australia and traveled to some of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. Community and culture and connecting with people in a very heart centred way are very dear to her. Bringing people back to their true authentic self is something she strives to do in her work, her community and within her own personal life.


What is Kundalini Dance

It is about moving your body with passion, energy and love
You need no experience Kundalini Dance simply allows your body to flow with movement.

This beautiful energy dance will open you up to the energies of the masculine and the feminine.

Clearing out the old and letting new energy flow through you!!
There will be seven dances during our 8 days together, during those dances we will dive into each chakra clearing out old emotional blocks that maybe holding you back from manifesting your deepest desires.





Root Chakra

Element Earth

The Root Chakra represents survival and security. Connection to family and community. Relationship with abundance.

Letting go of feeling abandoned or rejected. Releasing negative beliefs around prosperity, embracing the feminine energy and trusting that you will be provided for.

Root Chakra expressing your tribal self and bringing the energy of mother earth up into your base chakra to clear out old emotional wounds around security, prosperity, community and mother.






Sacral Chafra

Kundalini Dance..

Shifts beliefs around shame, rejection and humiliation. Explore your boundaries.. Open to your own sexual flow.. Find your creative juices, let yourself flow with abundance.

Balanced Sacral Chakra: Emotional intelegence, Sensuality aligned with Love, Graceful movement, Nurturance of self and others. Ability to flow with change, Healthly boundaries, Passionate.

Sacral Chakra, flowing with the energies of your creative self, exploring your relationship with your sacred sexuality.






Solar Plexus Chakra

The Dance of Power

Feel Confident, Warm Playful and Spontaneous with the power of your Solar Plexus.

Bringing in the element of Fire to move through emotional blocks surrounding shame, self worth, aggression and indecisiveness.

Lets burn of the dross and rise like a Phoenix to express your true authentic self.

Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra: Feeling of tranquility and inner harmony. Self-acceptance, Respect for the nature and emotions of others.

Solar Plexus, the dance of empowerment, playful energy, finding your direction, strong powerful and fiery.






Heart Chakra

The Dance of Love

Awaken your Heart and dive into the gift of giving and receiving divine human love.

Explore the qualities of Forgiveness, Compassion, Self-Love and Intimacy while dissolving and letting go of the needy Ego and the wounds of betrayal, resentment and mistrust.

Heart Chakra opening you up to self love, heart connection and forgiveness of self and others.







Throat Chakra

The Dance of Communication and Expression.

Come and dance the dance of self expression, Where your creativity flows authentically with truth and courage.

Throat Chakra is the dance of self expression, authenticity, speaking your truth and letting go of all those times you said yes instead of no.









Third Eye Chakra

Lets lift the veils of our inner illusions and dance a beautiful inward dance of Intuition, Clarity and Insight.

This wonderful dance will shine the truth on your souls purpose through each Chakra, giving your higher knowing a chance to show you what's possible.

Third Eye Chakra is a beautiful gentle dance to explore the true essence of you, letting go of the ego and opening up your intuitive side.







Crown Chakra

The Dance of Bliss

Explore your realaionship with the divine, the masculine, pur consciousness. Open up to faith in iniversal manifestation.

This beautiful dance of the masculine and feminine combines the sensual, creative qualities of mother earth with the strength and stillness of universal enendies. Bringing clarity to your higher purpose here on earth. Crown Chakra is the vibrant dance of the masculine. Bringing the strength and manifesting powers of the masculine and combining them with the powerful feminine energies to create balance, love and joy in your life.








Myra Seberry



Root Chakra


Sacral Chakra


Solar Plexus Chakra


Heart Chakra


Throat Chakra


Third Eye Chakra


Crown Chakra



What people said about our retreat's




"I had no expectations about the retreat as l knew that it was something l just had to do. I didn’t know why the feeling was so strong but only that it would be a life changing result. On attending the retreat it has opened up many doors on many levels, to many to list, and yet l don’t feel overloaded but somehow at peace with the flow of my life changing journey.

Before l came to the retreat l was in turmoil about where my life was headed and was constantly in a state of anxiety, but after the retreat the anxiety has gone and a feeling of excitement and clarity has entered my reality. Many people’s beliefs are that in order to achieve change it must be hard and sometimes painful but with Judy and Paul they have found a new way of shifting old beliefs and it is through the most loving and nurturing environment. If anyone is reading this and you are a seeker like myself then trust in the universe, go on their next retreat and create your OWN future."

- Gayle Longton.

Transforming & Awakening my very tired consciousness. Please continue on your wonderful journey as facilitators Brother, Sister, & my friends, so you continue to share your joy, your knowledge so that other divine spirits can transform themselves such as l have, into aware resonanations of oneness, wholeness & Loving completeness. Always to be continued till the body is nomore. Namaste..

-Lee Doherty

Thank you once again Judy & Paul- This retreat has opened up my Heart, my soul & Self. This Island has so much power, Love & understanding- My fellow retreat buddies have been a big part of this wonderful healing, l will always remember them, all with Love & Gratitude- Health & Healing is such an important part of our life. This retreat has helped me to achieve my purpose of moving forward- I would recommend this journey through Third Eye to discover ones Self- Through Love-

-Joan West

Judy and Paul you are amazing, l love the way you combine freindship and professionalism and reach your mark in a devinely loving and direct way. The retreat has so many aspects to it. It nurtures both the individual and the group. The days are full of different aspects of self nurture, self inquiry and body work, ,, dance. loved it all. xxx


If your feeling disempowered, judged or have trust issues then this beautiful retreat will peel back the layers of mistrust to shine a light on some of your core wounds. Personly l had the most profound shifts in energy and can say that l have never experianced anything like this in my life.

This experiance has been moving, orgasmic, challenging, loving, full of deepo heart felt connection, its all the other amazing partisipents and this beautiful land. I feel connected and deeply appreaciative of myself, of Judy and Paul and their gently guidence in drawing out the deepest parts of me that l've hidden all my life.

love you both xox

-Myra Seberry

This retreat tryly did challenge me, bringing me into myself and bringing my core issues to the sorface. I felt supported and able to heal on a deep level with the retreat.

The group energy created, and beautiful support of each and every particopent was truly amazing and a gift in itself.

Thank you. I love you


I can't explain how great l feel. I am alive again. I have a heart again. I am so happy. Thanks for challenging me. I love you both. It was scary but worth it..


A life changing experiance..

Extremely hardwork which makes me appreiate other things in my life. "Liberating and Healing"


I arrived at this space tired and feeling isolated and alone, without warning l was thrown into a tribe of welcome and amazment, l was taken on a journey far from my comfort zone and yet l felt safe. I leave here feeling refreashed renewed, alive. Back in touch with "ME".

I take with me all the Love the tribe has given and shared. I Am That, I AM.

-Jeanie Cartledge

An awakening to they self. The perfect balance of workshop, and an unforgettable experiance.

Thank you for your unrelenting, always present, forever caring apptoach, even at the toughest of times. So wonderfyl to connect to sisters that understand and gave me a different view, through a new lenz, the same heart.

Nothing has enlightened me like this before. I AM THAT, I AM




"The Bali retreat exceeded my expectations. Looking back over the last week l am amazed at all the things we did from crystal healing, to chanting, to yoga, to meditations, to group work and dyads. So much processing of deep inner stuff was made possible through the variety of tools and methods l just loved it all.

If you want to experience a heart transformation over a 5 day period then this retreat will do it! Paul and Judy are special people with unique gifts and presented in the most professional way, yet they maintained a sense of fun, joy and love throughout. Congratulations to both of you!"

- Barb.

Dear Judy & Paul, l would like to Thank You with all my heart. Before l came here l had a broken smile and heart. I had died inside and like l said you guys have done more for me then any concellor and phychiatrist has ever done for me. I have learned to love myself and open my Heart and Feel True Love inside and out. I feel reborn. I Love You Both xxx


I had a amazing experiance. Not only have l found myself again l have opened my heart, my mind and let my spirit shine through.

I owe much love and appreciation to Judy and Paul for seeing me and allowing me to awaken

My journey has begun

Love you both

Jarnah xx

WOW! I'm still trying to come to terms with what is happening inside and outside of me. Shift does happen. Thank you Paul and Judy. You are both awsome teachers and beautiful people full of love, lighing the way for others. What a blessing you are to the grouth and expansion of all humanity.

With deep Love

- Lee

This retreat has been a magical week, l dont

't think anyone could have done a greater job than Judy and Paul. From begining to end. So much thought out and RIGHT for us all.


It took 5 days for the cracks to appear and it was very confronting. I still feel like l could cry for a year, but tonights party night. Judy and Paul are wonderful instructors, l couldn't have asked for more patient or loving people. I go home knowing that my feelings are in there and they want to come out which is excellent.

I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone.


Exceeded expections!

Judy and Paul were facilitors with genuine spiritual wisdom gained from many years of working within a loving and energy full of gratitude and healing.

Both are wise sages having released "stories" which no longer served. Very authentic and inspirational people.

The program was superbly fine tuned with an amazing range of modalities, dyads helped all of us turn into the heart.

Certainly a retreat not to be missed.

- Jenny Handrik

Paul and Judy

I will be telling people about my time with you both and about the retreat.

Bali will always have a place in my heart and l have you guys to thank for that.

I love you..

Thank you for letting me find my inner child and for finding me and seeing me.

- Paul

The most amazing journey l have ever had in my life. Genuine, loving, caring, respectful of other peoples beliefs. Paul and Judy showed so much love and gave so much of thier time so freely. "amazing"

- Lorraine

Judy & Paul provided a safe & accepting atmosphere to challenge yourself and for grouth and support others to grow. Great experiance.! We now have a new family of friends.

Thankd Judy and Paul

-Stacey Emery

All l can say is that your retreat has inspired me and far exceded all my expectations.

Thank you so very much

- Denise

Thank you Judy and Paul

This retreat has been awesome. I have met some wonderful people who l hope l will be in contact with for a long time. The workshops were unbelievable lots of tears and laughter, releasing pent up issues and fears. Cleansing the heart and soul and learning to unlock our hearts and be open to love.


Never having been to Bali or experiencing a retreat for nearly 20 years it was behond my expectations.

I love learning and growing and reconnecting with myself again. It was awsome Judy and Paul are wonderful caring teachers. Very gifted and an inspiration to know and be with. Bali is an Earthly Jewel. I intend to return with my family, so they can experiance the wisdom.

- Vivinne

Judy and Paul do a tremendous job with the "Heart Awakening Retreat". It is simply a amazing experiance, and one l throroughly enjoyed. If you feel that you are looking for a retreat to kick start your life or send you back onto your path l'd thoroughly recommend you join in the very next available retreat.

I have definately benefited from this experiance- and can't wait to incorporate the learning into my life and step forward with an open heart and mind.

- Jeanie Cooper


If you really want to get real and enable yourself, then do one of Judy and Paul's retreats.

Find out who you are.


This retreat was life changing.

A truly spiritual experiance!

Highly recomended!

- Maureen

A wonderful experiance,

I had no idea what was ahead of me so came with no expectations, but the warmth of the teachers, healers and other members of the group was awsome so much so that at times felt overwhelming.

The whole experiance has changed my outlook and perception of the world around me.

Great stuff Paul and Judy xxx

- Tina

Perfect- In fact so perfect l think it is too cheap.

- With Love Paul. Hastings

I love you both very much, very very good- Thank you

- Suzanne

Life changing event in my life.

The retreat spiritual exercises moved me out of my comfort zone and challened me for my highest good. Great yoga teacher, Paul and Judy provided a loving enviroument.


Great retreat really looking forward to the next one.

- Lots of Love Rocky

This rereat was awesome, Judy and Paul are wonderful leaders and l would recommend doing courses with them at any time.

-Thank You Graeme

Keep doing what you're doing, the retreat was beautiful, l wouldnt change a thing.

- Carly

Fantastic, fabulas, wonderful, inspiring, Thank you so much.

The retreat was wonderful, l wouldnt change a thing. Thank you for helping me dig peeper, thank you for helping me find my heart,

- With love & gratitude Rachel xxx

Thank you both for taking me on a wonderful journey of self discovery, of personal & spritial growth and transformation. I love the balance, the diversity and even the Diad's ( although sometimes l didn't like them :) I am forever grateful for you showing me the gift of love. Judy & Paul, you are an inspiration to me, and if one day l can have the beautiful love that you both share, l will be a very lucky girl.

Thank you

- Angie

All so amazinly helpful. Always there for us, l felt safe and secure.

My heart has opened l would love to return again.

This was my heaven!

- Gen

Excellent love and energy recieved from both of you, l especially enjoyed the nurturing way that l was able to release my negativity and felt very supported and encouraged.

Great content, very varied and flexable. I especially enjoyed the diads and yoga.

Thank you from the depth of my heart.

PS> Look forward to next year in Bali- I will highly recommend it.

- Janette

Judy & Paul- this retreat is a credit to both of you. The amazing shift in myself and the other participants is absolutely incredible. You've done it again. Well suppassed any expectations, just wonderful.

Judy & Paul, you two are the most incredible people l have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

You have changed my life more than you will ever know.


- Jeanie









Contact Judy and Paul 07 3883 3882